Nilebot is a water quality monitoring and alarming system for aquaculture. It measures, records and sends the readings of the parameters that affects the condition of the water to your personal account that can be used on your Smart phone, Tablet or laptop at any time and from anywhere!

Nilebot's target is to help fish farms achieve the maximum productivity and reduce the operating costs through an easy managing and monitoring system.

The parameters that can be measured using the system:

The Alarming System

In case of any sudden change in water quality and exceeding the safe ranges of any parameter of the parameters such as the concentration of dissolved oxygen, Nilebot sends a warning text message (SMS) to your mobile phone to make sure that a quick response will be taken to solve this problem. In addition to the presence of a siren inside the farm.

The system is suitable for all farms and ponds

Nilebot suits all types of farms:

  • Marine Farms

  • Fresh water Farms

  • Aquaponics Farms

  • Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS)

And different types of ponds:

  • Earthen Ponds

  • Concrete Ponds

  • Tanks

Advantages of Nilebot

Real – Time Monitoring System

Monitor the water parameter’s readings in your farm continuously.

Saves Time and Money

Avoid any loss resulting from the death of the fish by monitoring the readings easily and continuously.

Ease of Use

An easy and simple user interface on the web application.


Select the desired electrode and the parameters that needs to be measured according to your needs.

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